Duct Irrigation System for Endoscopes

Smart Endo Box

SEB 1000

A thorough pre-washing system of the endoscope has a significant effect on reprocessing.

SEB 1000 is an automatic washing phase support system for the reprocessing of the flexible endoscope complete with traceability.

Leak test controlled for the entire process compatible with all endoscope models of all brands.

Minimizing human error.

Class I Medical Device, in accordance with Annex VII Directive 93/42 / EEC – BD / RDM 1459670 / R Complies with European standards EN60601, EN61326-1, EN ISO 14971.

The benefits of SEB 1000:

Leak test with control of any leaks for the entire duration of the cycle

Flushing and rinsing with pulsed action of all channels of the endoscope

Automatic dosing of the product for any washing phase

Traceability of the process in paper and digital form