Rigid endoscopes, surgical instruments, and bronchoscopes reprocessing.

Smart Decontamination System

DW 15

DW15 is the cutting-edge solution in the field of otolaryngology that ensures high standards in the decontamination of rigid endoscopes, surgical instruments, and bronchoscopes. It not only allows for effective decontamination but also ensures complete and documented traceability of every disinfection cycle.


Medical Device Class I, according to the new Medical Device Regulation (EU) MDR 2017/745. Meets European standards: EN ISO 61010-1 / 2 , EN ISO 61326-1 2020/2021, EN ISO 14971. 

The benefits of DW 15:

DW15 is a revolutionary solution, capable of decontaminating and tracking multiple instruments in a single cycle, ensuring more efficient and reliable processes. Flexibility to choose from three different washing programs, each with adjustable run times based on the specific needs of the treated instruments.
Treatment of Up to 10 Instruments per Cycle
Time, Water, and Detergent Savings
Full Process Traceability